Three ways scammers victimize online poker players

Online poker is tremendously popular anywhere you go, and it is also a haven for fraudulent sites that appear to be innocently an online poker site that continues to victimize countless of online gamblers by cashing out money on your behalf.

Despite the huge crackdown on fake online poker sites and the tight grip of law enforcement agencies and the support of online casino and online poker operators on this menace that tarnishes the highly popular online platform of poker, there are still a lot of fake sites that continue to operate and victimize unknowing gamblers.

Despite the strong effort of the entire online gambling community, there are still criminals out there who are totally free from operating somewhere hidden that is why it is important to know what are the signs of these type of online gambling sites and avoid it for good.

 Online poker is the perfect target of these criminals because of its popularity and the huge number of poker players around the world that plays this regularly, also it is a convenient source of gambling entertainment but there are people who are taking advantage of its popularity by scamming fellow poker players, and because of this, it is important for you to learn the signs that an online poker site is a fraud or a scam in this article from Situs poker online.

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  • Cashout– Probably, the most common way for scammers to earn their income is through requesting a cash out to an unknowing online poker player by justifying the nature of how funds are processed in most online casino sites. To spot scam cash out, some random email address sends you a notification about your withdrawals and forces you to click on the link that it provided. Do not click on the link, and forward it to the online casino site’s customer service right away to report it because chances are that the link is a way to breach your account and hack into your system.
  • Depositing scheme- this kind of heinous act will lure you into signing up an online poker site without knowing the transaction processed. The hacker behind it then remove the deposited money out of your account through a credit card or a debit card but it will never appear in your official online poker account. You will not notice it at first because you will be presented with a drawn-out procedure where you end up frustrated before you can verify that your deposited money is already missing, so before you sign-up with an online poker site and deposit money, make sure you verify first if the site is legitimate or not.
  • Online poker affiliate- To lure victims, fake online poker sites promises unknowing players to receive a commission for each time they deposit in their accounts, but, every time they lured a player to their trap, they will refuse to honor you of their promised commissions, where you end up with nothing, plus your account and your deposit in jeopardy of being stolen.
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