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Which bets are better – internal or external

There can be no single, universal advice; roulette is an unpredictable game. And each player finds his own path through experience and inner feeling.

The only thing that you can advise beginners is to start with external bets, the simplest options. Experience is important for the player, but if you start immediately betting on the unlikely results of hitting the ball, you will lose large sums of money in the shortest possible time.

For a novice gambling enthusiast, mastering the wisdom of the game, the most important thing is to “get your hand”, gain experience, fully get used to it. Failure is the natural state of any beginner, and not just when playing roulette.

But when you already have enough experience, then you will not need any advice from outsiders. You yourself can tell others about some tricks of roulette, some winning combinations that brought you a lot of money …. But you will never tell this to anyone. And do it right!

Is it possible to mathematically calculate winning combinations in roulette

Not only  Ufabet  for beginners, but also for experienced players, there is a strong belief that you can mathematically calculate the loss of numbers in roulette. Allegedly, there is a certain, albeit regularized in many zeros pattern of occurrence of a particular number. And if you make the right calculations, you can easily win millions.

Strongly do not recommend doing this! From the point of view of science, we can definitely say that it is impossible to calculate the loss of numbers in the game of roulette even theoretically. Even with the most powerful supercomputer and the results of all game rounds without exception.

Mathematicians estimate the probability of the presence of patterns in the game of roulette at 10 degrees minus a number with 123 zeros. In mathematics, the probability of 10-60 (minus the sixtieth degree) is estimated as incredible. That is, the probability is zero. Therefore, there is no pattern in roulette, the game proceeds according to an algorithm inaccessible to people.

But there is one But

It should be immediately noted that the absence of mathematically calculated probability does not mean that it is impossible to predict the correct number. If the world that we know existed according to the laws that we also know, it simply would not exist …

We all know that in nature there are some processes that are inaccessible to understanding by the human mind, and even more so – by science. And predicting some events is an established fact …

It is not known what it is, but an experienced commando who is at the head of the group often feels real danger, contrary to all logic, scientific facts, and human understanding. An experienced intelligence officer can, contrary to all logic and knowledge, track down a criminal without any evidence. And an experienced player, having no special abilities, except for the experience of the game, can predict some kind of game combinations ..

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Hi here! i was used to follow some unique tricks on playing such game. He thereby to help the players, starts penning down his winning strategies to the novice players here.

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