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A slot machine game is also known as the fruit machine, puggy, the slots, pokies, and many other names in various other countries but it is only the name that varies, but the game remains the same. Generally, these games are present in the Casino or in some online sites where licensed online betting is operational. In some of those, they may have Live Casino too and the slots game too.

The slot machines are often given a variety of names by different online betting companies like goldenslot. So, what are these games anyway?

The Slots:

  • Generally, when you visit a casino or play in an online one, you get to see various kind of game going on around you.
  • When you visit a casino physically, from the cash counter, you collect the initial cash in the regional currency in exchange for an equal amount of money.
  • Among other games, there are, what we call as slot machines which have two to three reels though the number of reels may vary from place to place.


  • These reels tend to rotate when we insert the minimum amount of coins required for some limited rounds of gaming and then pull down a lever.
  • There are combinations which are displayed on your machine itself and can be viewed by you.
  • The reels after stopping if it satisfies any of the combinations that are displayed you will get your money accordingly.
  • None of the combinations may be satisfied,and you may not get a reward else it satisfied such a combination that you got back a huge amount more than what you have initially played for.
  • Hence this game is luck mixed with gambling, although it is fun to play.

Virtual Slots:

  • As it was mentioned earlier that some of the online betting sites have this kind of game too, named in a fancy and attractive manner like Goldenslot.
  • They have virtual slot machines, and the number of reels may vary to a large number like 9 or more opening opportunity for more combinations.
  • When we play this kind of online game we generally play the bet using our money which we have already deposited before playing and then if we are lucky and it satisfies a certain combination, you get the rewarded money back to your account which you can withdraw later on.
  • Online manufacturers have designed the games in such a manner that when you win a round, you may be rewarded with cash or maybe with bonus rounds, etc.

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